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Easter Sunday 2021

  Austin Schmidt

Hot Topics Pt. 5/ Religion vs. Relationship

  Austin Schmidt

Hot Topics Pt. 4/ Racism

Austin Schmidt

How to Share Your Faith-  Austin Schmidt

Hot Topics Pt. 3/ Sexuality- Austin Schmidt

Hot Topics Pt. 2/ Abortion- Austin Schmidt

Hot Topics Pt. 1/ Government- Austin Schmidt

The Father's Other Son-Cliff Duggins II

The True Power of an Underdog-Tyrome Bryant

John 11:28-57-Austin Schmidt

John 11:17-27-Austin Schmidt

Vision Sunday 2021-Austin Schmidt

How to Move Forward-Austin Schmidt

The Beatitudes-Ean Duty

The Gift Pt. 3-Austin Schmidt

The Gift Pt. 2-Austin Schmidt

The Gift Pt. 1-Austin Schmidt

Habakkuk 1-3 -Austin Schmidt

Matthew 6:25-34 Austin Schmidt

John 10:22-42- Austin Schmidt

John 10:11-21- Austin Schmidt

John 10:7-11- Austin Schmidt

Do you have a minute?- Cliff Duggins II

John 10:1-6- Austin Schmidt

John 9:35-41- Austin Schmidt

John 9:18-34- Austin Schmidt

John 9:13-17- Austin Schmidt

John 9:8-12- Austin Schmidt

John 9:1-7- Austin Schmidt

Psalm 1- Austin Schmidt

Are you paying attention? Pt. 5- Brian Diehl

Are you paying attention? Pt. 4- Austin Schmidt

Are you paying attention? Pt. 3- Austin Schmidt

Are you paying attention? Pt. 2- Austin Schmidt

Are you paying attention? Pt. 1- Austin Schmidt

John 8:17-20- Austin Schmidt

John 8:15-16- Austin Schmidt

John 8:12-14- Austin Schmidt

Save the Turtles- Austin Schmidt

Revival Pt. 1- Austin Schmidt

John 7:1-13- Austin Schmidt

Jesus is your superhero- Austin Schmidt

How then shall we act? Pt. 2- Austin Schmidt

How then shall we act?- Austin Schmidt

Bread of Life- Austin Schmidt

Still Rolling Stones (Easter)- Austin Schmidt

Nothing Wasted- Austin Schmidt

Wilderness Moments- Austin Schmidt

The Witnesses of Christ- Austin Schmidt

The Claims of Christ- Austin Schmidt

Do you want to get well?- Austin Schmidt

When the enemy attacks- Austin Schmidt

Near Death- Austin Schmidt

What are you hungry for?- Brian Diehl

Sharing is Caring- Austin Schmidt

A Sinners Heart of Worship- Austin Schmidt

A Father's Love- Cliff Duggins

The Giant of Fear- Austin Schmidt

What is the local church?- Austin Schmidt

Christmas is over, now what?- Brian Diehl

Unwrapping Christmas Pt. 4Austin Schmidt

Unwrapping Christmas Pt. 3Austin Schmidt

Unwrapping Christmas Pt. TwoAustin Schmidt

Unwrapping Christmas Pt. OneAustin Schmidt

John 4:1-15- Austin Schmidt

John 3:22-36- Austin Schmidt

John 3:17-22- Austin Schmidt

John 3:1-16- Austin Schmidt

1 Timothy 3:1-7- Lee Roberts

John 2:23-25- Austin Schmidt

John 2:12-22- Austin Schmidt

John 2:1-11- Austin Schmidt

John 1:19-34- Austin Schmidt

John 1:6-18- Austin Schmidt

John 1:3-5- Austin Schmidt

John 1:1-2,14.- Austin Schmidt

Trusting God, even if...- Jim Jessup

What about church?- Austin Schmidt

The Bible- Austin Schmidt

1 Kings 19:1-18- Austin Schmidt

1 Kings 18:21-46- Austin Schmidt

Small, but Mighty- Dr. Bryce Jessup

1 Kings 18:1-21- Austin Schmidt

1 Kings 17:6-15- Austin Schmidt

1 Kings 17:1-7- Austin Schmidt

The Tale of Two Wisdoms- Austin Schmidt

Finding God's WillAustin Schmidt

Easter 2019

When God is Silent- Lee Roberts