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When the Enemy Attacks- 1 Peter 5:8-9

  Austin Schmidt

Start! To Follow Pt. 5- Knowing and Doing Gods will

  Austin Schmidt

Start! To Follow Pt. 4- Worship

  Austin Schmidt

Start! To Follow Pt. 3- Trials and Temptations

  Austin Schmidt

Start! To Follow Pt. 2- The Church

  Austin Schmidt

The Widows Two Mites

  Austin Schmidt

Easter Sunday 2021

  Austin Schmidt

Hot Topics Pt. 5/ Religion vs. Relationship

  Austin Schmidt

Hot Topics Pt. 4/ Racism

Austin Schmidt

How to Share Your Faith-  Austin Schmidt

Hot Topics Pt. 3/ Sexuality- Austin Schmidt

Hot Topics Pt. 2/ Abortion- Austin Schmidt

Hot Topics Pt. 1/ Government- Austin Schmidt

The Father's Other Son-Cliff Duggins II

The True Power of an Underdog-Tyrome Bryant

John 11:28-57-Austin Schmidt

John 11:17-27-Austin Schmidt

Vision Sunday 2021-Austin Schmidt

How to Move Forward-Austin Schmidt